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Our clients are always our top focus. We believe that our purpose is to use the law to serve our community and empower those who face hardships or unequal treatment. Our entire practice is designed around being advocates for our clients and a force of change against inequitable policies and practices by helping you with any of your legal needs.

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At Toor Law APC, our purpose is to protect our community and empower our clients. We aim to be a force of of reckoning against inequitable policies and practices. Whether you are a victim of catastrophic injuries as a result of corporate negligence or an employee attempting to protect yourself against wrongful discrimination, we take on the largest forces through skillful and tactful litigation practice. We do what's right and that means we don't take the quick and easy route.

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Business Litigation

At Toor Law, we help businesses navigate complex legal disputes and protect their interests. Our clients trust us to provide the guidance and advocacy needed to achieve favorable outcomes. We focus on helping clients or small businesses enforce their agreements and protect their interests when the other side is being less than fair. We also protect your interest by drafting and reviewing employment agreements. Learn more about how we empower small businesses and navigate them through potential storms with effective legal representation and advocacy. We represent small business owners in contractual disputes and fraud matters when they have been wronged by other bad actors. We can also advise on how to prevent litigation from happening by drafting sound agreements and making sure you understand what you're agreeing to and whether it's enforceable or not  prior to signing any contractual agreements.  

Business Disputes
Contract Drafting and Negotiations
Breach of Contract
Contractual Fraud
Consultation & Advisory

Employment Law

Protecting employee rights and empowering employees in workplaces is a passion. Here at Toor Law APC,  we understand the complex legal challenges that both employees and employers face and offer tailored solutions to ensure fair and just outcomes. Whether you are an employee who is being wrongfully discriminated against due to your race, gender, or pregnancy status, or a whistleblower seeking to right corporate wrongs and better our community, we will advocate for you. By holding predatory employers accountable, we believe that we create a more equitable employment environment for employees as well as  ethical employers looking to create a better work environment for their workers. Find out more about our employment law services below:

Civil Rights
Wrongful Termination
Whistleblower Protection
Harassment & Retailiation
Wage Disputes
Race, Gender, Disability & Pregnancy Discrimination

Personal Injury

We understand that for victims of life-changing injuries, putting your life back together can be overwhelming. Toor Law is dedicated to holding wrongdoers responsible and battling insurance carriers so you can focus on the things that matter. We advocate for the injured and seek accountability on their behalf. We provide compassionate and expert legal representation to clients who have suffered harm due to the negligence or wrongful actions of others where you deal directly with the attorney handling your case, not a case manager. We believe that meaningful representation requires an attorney who knows the facts of your case intimately so they can obtain the best result for you.  Learn more about how our team helps you navigate the legal process and protect against being taken advantage of by insurance and entities whose interests are adverse to yours.

Catastrophic Injury
Product Liability
Traumatic Brain Injury
Domestic Violence
Assault & Battery
Sexual Assault
Puneet Toor
Puneet Toor is the founder and principal at Toor Law, APC where she specializes in civil litigation in the areas of employment, catastrophic injury, product defect, and business law. Ms. Toor has gained valuable experience in both individual and class-action lawsuits through years of working at some of the most notable litigation firms in Southern California.
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Reasons why clients rely on us

Puneet Toor is a fierce advocate for her clients.  I have co-counseled cases with her and have found her to be an exceptional litigator.  I believe that any client should feel lucky to her as their attorney.

Darren P.

Thanks to Puneet's hard work and dedication, I received the compensation I deserved for my injuries and damages, far exceeding my expectations. I couldn't have asked for a better advocate in my corner during such a difficult time.

If you're looking for a personal injury attorney who is thorough, communicative, and truly dedicated to fighting for your rights, I highly recommend Puneet Toor. She is an exceptional attorney, a stand-up human being, and a true blessing and asset to her clients.

Mel K.

Puneet is an exceptional professional. Her emotional intelligence and fierce loyalty to clients make her a force to be reckoned with in the legal world.

Steve T.

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